Runway 06/24 “Kaagbaan”.

The main spot, where you can make rotation/touchdown photos, has been closed. The spot next to the piano keys has now been fenced of (with a ladder you can still make photos). However, it is still possible to go spotting in the final approach.


It is possible to get here both by car and by bus.

If you come from the Schiphol Plaza area, including car rentals, you must follow the signs to P30. Don’t go there but continue on the same road. At the next set of traffic lights to go the left onto the Kruisweg. At the next intersection go to the left again (Beechavenue). Then at the next intersection go to the left once more and you will be at the Aalsmeerderweg. You can park your car besides the road and walk into the field.

By bus you can get here easily by going to busstop Van Zanten. You can take southbound buslines 187/188/191/198.

After you parked you will need to walk back a bit into the direction you came from. In the corner of Beech Avenue you will find the place.