Approach 18C/36C


The so called Zwanenburgbaan is used basically as a back-up for the Polderbaan. During rush hours this runway is used a lot for most flights coming from/going to the south and the east. Flights coming from/going to the north and the west use the Polderbaan.

This runway only has limited viewing potential. Only final approach can be seen. There are two spots here. One of them where you catch the planes head-on, and another where you can see the planes fly past at low altitude. I prefer the last place because there are no obstruction trees, lamp posts, buildings etc.

From a distance you can see the planes land on the Polderbaan. With strong binoculars you might be able to read registrations, but photography will not be possible.

This spot is best during the morning to early afternoon. After that the sun will be facing you.


Getting there.

There is no direct link to this spot from Schiphol Plaza. You can get there by bus, but you would have to change at the train station of Hoofddorp. Getting to that station should take no more than 10 minutes. It is the first station after Schiphol and trains leave to Hoofddorp every 10 to 15 minutes depending on the time of day.

Once at Hoofddorp you must take busline 145 headed for Amsterdam. This bus leaves twice per hour at ##:25 and ##:55. Please note that during the weekends only one hourly bus service is held at ##:25! You have to get of at bus stop "Lijnden" which should take around 15 minutes. From there you must walk back a few 100 metres. You will find a small concrete exit leading into a farmers field. You can stand on this concrete area. From there you can easily overlook the final approach.


Getting there by car is also possible of course. Coming from Schiphol Plaza (including car rental) you must get onto the A4/E19 motorway towards Den Haag. Take the first exit onto the N201 to Hoofddorp. At the end of the exit turn to the left and continue the road. After a few kilometer there will be an exit to the right in the direction of Boesingheliede.

Once here you have to cross the bridge over the cana; and go to the right. Follow this road for a few kilometres. After a while you pass the final approach for the runway. You can park in the road "tweeduizend el" on your right.

Another option is to follow the road. After a while you will see a house on your left. Just a few metres after this house a small concrete area can be found on your left. From this space you can see the planes fly by quite low, as you can see in the pictures.