Runway 18L/36R "Aalsmeerderbaan" (Breguetlaan).


The Aalsmeerderbaan (18L/36R) is the back-up runway for the Kaagbaan (06/24). During rush hour in particular this runway is used extensively.

Getting there.

To ge there you should take busline 187 to busstop "Breguetlaan". This stop can be found at Schiphol Rijk, some 20 minutes drive from "Schiphol Plaza". 

Of course you can also get here by car. When coming from "Schiphol Plaza" (including car rental) you should go towards P30. Don't get in there but continue driving. At the end of the road go to the left. You are now on the road running parellel to the N201. You should however be on the N201 so at the next crossing go to the right and immediately to the left in the direction of Aalsmeer. From here on take the first road to the right. This is the Fokkerweg. Continue driving here. At the roundabout go to the right, and then the first road on the left.



This spot is not as good as the spot at the Kaagbaan. Really the only option you have here is to stand at the end of the runway. The distance is not too bad though, a 200mm should still suffice for all but the smallest of planes.

When the planes take-off from this runway they fly over rather high as can be seen from the photos below. This happens every time the wind comes from the southeast, south or west. If the wind comes from other directions the runway is used mostly for landings. When that is the case the planes will be lower and better views can be had. Of course you can also stand in the final approach for head-on shots. For now I can only show photos of planes taking of.