Schiphol Oost

Schiphol Oost is the oldest part of Schiphol. This used to be the main part of the airport, but nowadays it is only used for general aviation and the maintenance fascilities. Visiting this area is always a good way to fill half an hour or so. Next to the private jets and an occaisional cessna prop you will also find here the airwing of the Dutch police. They use a fleet of BN/2A Islanders, Bolkow 105s (in the proces of being retired) and MD-902s. Also at Schiphol Oost are the hangars of the Dutch Dakota Association. If you are lucky you may therefore find one of their two DC-3s on the apron.

The apron is surrounded by a normal chain link fence. However, on one side you do not need it as there are gates with wide openings to put your lense through. Next to the DDA hangar a new hangar is being build. Because of that some of the fences have been moved. With the new set-up there are a lot MORE photo opportinities! You can now walk alongside the apron to the right of the DDA hangar, something that was previously only partially possible. There are still fences, so a ladder is still advisable.

Sunshine is ok all day, but best in the morning.

Unfortunately the large hill that was here has now gone again.



A lot of people work here as there are many offices and maintenance fascilities here. Therefore the accesibility by public transportation is just great! Do note though that after office hours and during the weekends there are less busses going here! You can take bus 186/187/190/196/194/199 to Schiphol Oost. When you use line 199 the last stop at Schiphol Oost is "Gebouw 133". After that stop the bus continues its journey to Amsterdam Amstel train station. The other busses terminate at Schiphol Oost.