Taxiway to Polderbaan.


The Polderbaan is Schiphol's newest runway. It was opened on the 20th of February 2003. This runway is quite far away from the terminal and taxi times of 20 minutes are the rule, not the exception! Though terrible for the travellers, it is great for spotters. Once you get there, the view is quite astonishing with little or no background clutter! This makes this place stand out over most other spots at Schiphol airport.

At these spots you can get quite close to the taxiway. In fact, for the A340 and B747 you can do with 50mm! Smaller planes require a bit more, but never more than around 100 or 120mm.

There are only two reasonable options here. One option is to stand on a bridge and shoot photos from planes taxying over another bridge (see picture 1). Another option, one I prefer, is to shoot photos from a crash gate (see picture 2 and 3). Here the stiles of the gate are wide enough to poke your camera through. The rest of the taxiway is fenced of, so unless you have a step ladder you won't be able to get good shots.

Getting there.

There is no direct link to this spot from Schiphol Plaza. That does not mean you can't get there by bus though! At Schiphol Plaza you first have to take the train to the train station of Hoofddorp. Getting to that station should take no more than 10 minutes, with trains leaving every 10 to 15 minutes depending on the time of day.

Once at Hoofddorp you must take busline 145 headed for Amsterdam. This bus leaves twice per hour at ##:25 and ##:55. Please note that during the weekends only one hourly bus service is held at ##:25! You must take the bus to "Vijfhuizerweg" which should take around 10 minutes. From this spot you can already see the bridge and the taxiway. To get to the crash gate you have to cross the bridge to the other bank of the canal and walk straight on into the road running paralel with the taxiway. After a 10 minute walk you will find the crash gate on your left.

Getting there by car is also possible of course. Coming from Schiphol Plaza (including car rental) you must get onto the A4/E19 motorway towards Den Haag. Take the first exit onto the N201 to Hoofddorp. At the end of the exit turn to the left and continue the road. After a few kilometer there will be an exit to the right in the direction of Boesingheliede. Get on this road, the N520, and continue. After a while you will find that the taxiway goes over the road. You can park your car at the local graveyard, and walk the final metres to the spot. 

If you want you can go into the road running parallel with the taxiway. On your left you will find a crashgate where you can park your car and see the planes.