Mac Donalds (runway 27/09).


This is one of the official spotters areas provided by Schiphol Airport. The fascilities are really good, but the views can be disappointing.

This spot overlooks runway 27/09 ("Buitenvelderbaan"). The spotters area is very close to the runway. Regrettably most of the day you will be facing the sun from this viewpoint. Only early in the morning will the sun be in your back. The good point of this site has a restaurant nearby. Sure, it is only a MacDonalds, but at least it gives you a roof in case of rain and a burger when you are hungry.

Getting here is quite easy. Just take bus 186/190/192/195/196/197/199 northbound. That are the busses in the direction of Amsterdam. You should get of at "Loevensteinse Dwarsweg". Just get of at the MacDonalds. From this point it is also a small disctance to Schiphol Oost. Approximately five minutes by bus.

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